Wood Seating Charts

If your event is outdoors or more rustic in nature, Wood Seating Charts make an excellent choice.

Did you know we make our own wood seating charts in house? They are perfectly sized for your guest list count and we stain the wood or paint it your colour of choice! Walnut stain is the most popular but the painted colour possibilities are endless!

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror seating charts continue to be a popular request this year. I can definitely see why. They’re a beautiful, elegant way for your guests to find their seats.

I normally recommend going with my ‘Ashley’ lettering style for the guest names on a seating chart. It’s a neat, upright readable style that is still a script. Having a readable seating chart is important as you don’t want a queue forming for guests to find their names.

Here are a few of my favourite Mirror Seating Charts from the past year.

Toronto Chalk Art: Sweets Galore

I’m Loving these dessert boards I created for a couple of recent weddings. What a unique way to showcase the menu for your sweets table! I’m so accustomed to writing in plain white chalk that I had to search across town (during back to school week) for colored chalk. I’ll be sure to stock up on colored chalk from now on, as I see a lot more color headed my way.

These yummy treats were provided by Nadia & Co.



Here is another Dessert Menu I created earlier this year, in classic black and white.