What's New for Christmas

My favorite time of the year is approaching and I'm so excited to share this year's new Christmas ornaments.

All my new ornaments this year are made of glass and because of that there are limited quantities available of each style. 

Each ornament can be personalized with your custom text.  Just check the listing for the maximum words allowed.

Red Glass Ornament

This classic Red Ornament sure does shine.  There are three shapes to choose from and this ornament had a good weight to it.  This timeless ornament is Hand lettered in gold ink with your custom text. 

Iridescent Feather Ornament

This iridescent glass ornament contains a white feather inside.  Like the red ornament above, it comes in the same three shapes. 

White Glass Bauble

A classic White Bauble is always very popular.  If you're getting this as a gift and aren't sure what color scheme your recipient's tree is, white is always a safe choice.  This large 4" glass ornament features a gold topper and hand lettered gold text.  The glass is translucent white and will match most trees. 

Aqua Turquoise Ombre Ornament

This Blue Ombre Ornament will definitely sparkle on your tree.  It reminds me of the ocean and it has a cool ombre effect to it.   The top is more aqua blue and then transitions to a more turquoise greenish blue color.  There's glass pieces attached to the inside of the ornament, giving it that extra sparkle.  There are two shapes to choose from, either a round ball or finial shape.


Red Truck or Car Ornament

Know anyone that moved or took a road trip this year?  This red car or truck ornament is my new favorite.  It features a wood car or truck inside a glass dome filled with snow.  Give it a shake and the snow comes falling down.  It's super adorable.

Red Truck Decor

This personalized Red Truck will fit perfectly on your mantle.  It features two removable evergreens and even rolls! 

Globe Ornament

I've brought back last year's sold out globe ornament.  So many of you are still requesting the "2020 ...and the World Paused" pandemic ornament and it's never too late to add it to your collection. 

For 2021, I came up with three phrases that pretty much sums up this year.  "2021 ...and the World Reopened" represents the many cities that finally came out of lock-down.  Where I live, the Greater Toronto Area, just happened to come out of North America's longest shutdown!

This year also saw the return of travel.  I have yet to take a vacation this year but I know so many of you have.  "2021 ...and Travel Returned" represents this year's return to air travel.  

And finally, at the beginning of the year I really thought the pandemic would be over by now, but nope, Covid has kept us on our toes and "2021 ...and the World Made Waves" represents both the ups and downs of the year and the Covid variants. 

The 2021 Globe Ornament comes in silver or gold.  You can have one of my pre-chosen phrases written on it or come up with your own message that resonates most with you!

Glitter Ornaments

These are not new for this year but are worth mentioning as my plastic glitter ornaments are my best sellers.  These are completely hand made and glitter filled in house.  Don't worry, the glitter is inside the ornament.  Again, they can be personalized with your own text so the possibilities are endless. Additional colors are available in the shop

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