On-site calligraphy event for Starbucks

Last month, I woke up extra early to head to downtown for an early morning on-site calligraphy event.  It's rare that I have an event start so early, but this one was necessary as it was for Starbucks!

Starbucks was celebrating the launch of their new Premium Select Collection of coffee, for brewing at home. So the pop up event was actually held in a cool Toronto house, and I was brought on to hand letter names on custom Starbucks mugs that stated "Starbucks Coffee at...." the guest's name!   Guests were given care instructions on how to bake their mugs afterwards in order to preserve the lettering.

This was a fun event and I got to listen in on brewing tips from experts.  I learned a lot from the event including the use of ghee and collagen in your coffee! I did have to take it easy on the coffee though as shaky hands and live calligraphy don't go well together :)

lettering on starbucks mug

live lettering event with mugs

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